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Responsible Gaming

Red Dragon Poker Room believes that an enjoyable game can only be achieved through ethical and responsible behavior. We aim to offer a true poker experience that is entertaining, fun and exciting while adhering to Responsible Gaming. While we endeavor to keep it fun, we are also committed to preventing problems and underage gambling.

Problem gambling is defined as gambling that is disruptive or damaging to you or your family, or interferes with your daily life. It may be evident in one or more of the following behaviors:

  • Being preoccupied with gambling, such as constantly planning gambling activities and how to get more gambling money
  • Needing to gamble with increasing amounts of money to get the same thrill
  • Feeling restless or irritable when you try to cut down on gambling
  • Gambling to escape problems or relieve feelings of helplessness
  • Trying to get back lost money by gambling more
  • Lying to family members or others to hide the extent of your gambling
  • Risking or losing important relationships, a job, or school or work opportunities because of gambling
  • Asking others to bail you out of financial trouble because you gambled money away

According to the regulations, the following persons are not allowed to play in any casinos in the Philippines:

  • Government officials connected directly with the operation of the Government or any of its agencies;
  • Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including the Army, Navy, Air Force or the Philippine National Police;
  • Persons under 21 years old or students of any school, college or university in the Philippines.

Negative impact of excessive gambling can have profound and long-lasting consequences for your life, such as

  • Relationship problems
  • Financial problems, including bankruptcy
  • Legal problems or imprisonment
  • Poor work performance or job loss
  • Poor general health
  • Suicide, suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts

Player Exclusion Program:

(A) Self Exclusion
Application can be initiated by sending an inquiry to PAGCOR’s Responsible Gaming email account. Exclusion forms may be downloaded through the PAGCOR website at www.pagcor.ph/regulatory and are available at PAGCOR operated and regulated gaming sites. Upon expiration, the Self Exclusion Order will be lifted automatically.

(B) Family Exclusion
- Exclusion forms may be downloaded through the PAGCOR website at www.pagcor.ph/regulatory and are available at PAGCOR operated and regulated gaming sites.
- The family member is considered the applicant while the problem gambler is the respondent.
- Any one of the following family members may request for a player’s exclusion:

  • Spouse
  • Child at least 18 years old
  • Parent

Upon expiration, the family exclusion order will be lifted automatically. To apply for an exclusion, please visit: http://www.pagcor.ph/regulatory/exclusion2.php

Listed hereunder are some Help Centers located around the Philippines

Life Change Recovery Center
105 Scout Rallos St., Kamuning, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Contact: (02) 415-7964 / 415-6529
Website: www.lifechangerecovery.com

Bridges of Hope Drugs and alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc.
364 Aguirre Ave., Phase 3, BF Homes, Parañaque City
Contact: (02) 622-0193 / 0917-5098826 / help@bridgesofhope.com.ph
Website: www.bridgesofhope.com.ph

New Manila Branch:
12 Orestes Lane, Mariposa St., New Manila, Quezon City
Tel. No. (02) 502-0600
Mobile: +63 917 856 0623

Cebu Branch:
Namkal-Mahayahay-Soong Rd.,
Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu 6015
Mobile: +63 919 006 9987/+63 917 154 4210